Durability of study table depends on materials used

The process of purchasing of study table for their child is time consuming, since the parent has to search the various tables available, compare their design, specifications and prices before taking a decision. Hence parents would like to find a supplier for a durable study table for children Singapore, so that it can be used for many years, without being replaced, and will not usually require repairs. In addition to the design, one of the main factors which affect the durability of the table is the material which has been used for the table.


While there are many tables available with wooden legs,it is usually difficult to adjust the height of the wooden table to match the user’s height. The height adjustment mechanism in most tables is made from metal, since it can be precisely adjusted. While different kinds of metals like wrought iron, mild steel,aluminum can be used for making the metal legs of the table, stainless steel is the best option for table legs for multiple reasons. Though stainless steel legs for tables are more expensive, it is advisable to purchase the Kidschamp Magicube study table for children and some reasons are discussed below.


The children may spill the water or other beverage they are drinking on the table legs. Similarly while mopping the floor, water may fall on the table legs. If the table legs are made from wood, they may rot or get damaged due to the water. Even if the steel legs are powder coated, they may get rusted and corrode over a period of time. In contrast due to the chemical composition the legs which are made from stainless steel do not get rusted even if more water is spilled on it. It is also easier to clean the stainless steel tables, removing any grime or dirt. 


Another reason why metal legs are preferred for the table is that they are stronger and will be able to support more weight and force. The child has a large number of textbooks, notebooks, story books and other items which are very heavy. The child may also apply more pressure on the table or hit the legs of the table. If the legs are made from wood or plastic, if more weight or force is applied, the legs will collapse or develop cracks affecting the stability of the table. Hence it is better to use Magicube table whose stainless steel legs are welded for great strength and durability.


To ensure that the user has a flat table top, levelers are provided for the Magicube table so that it can also be used on uneven floors. A handle is provided on either the left or right side so that the user can adjust the height of the table precisely to match the child’s height. Metal Hooks are provided on the side of the study table, so that the child can keep his bags at the side of the table to easily retrieve the items required. If the Magicube table is ordered online, it will delivered packed and some assembly is required. Kidschamp can arrange for table assembly by paying an additional fee.