PERTAPIS Children’s Home

The Children’s Home was established in 1991 as a gazetted home and a place of Safety under the Children and Young Persons Act. The home aims to provide a safe environment and a holistic developmental of the children. Children admitted are from the age of 4 to 12 years old.

The operation of the home is based on Guidelines on Standards of Care for Children Homes. The cases are those referred by the Juvenile Court, Family Service Centres or the Ministry of Social & Family Development (MSF)

The activities and programmes are developed to facilitate the development of the child’s physical, social, mental, educational and moral development needs. It ensures the children inculcate good daily habits and management skills through the following programmes.

Kidz Learn

Ensuring each child is given the opportunity to receive formal education and tuition support with his/her studies, especially in reading, Mathematics, Science and English language.

Kidz Smart

Preparing each child to be independent by teaching them social skills and character building stimulating and the imagination and creativity of each child and to help them heal and explore themselves within a safe and protective environment.

Kidz Health

Providing each child with primary healthcare and teaching proper hygiene. Arts and music are used as an expressive therapy for troubled children who find these creative activities to be personally enjoyable and socially enhancing.

Kidz Ethics

Inculcating each child with the essence of spiritual and moral values to build a strong and resilient character.

Our Appeal

We need volunteers to participate and be part of our programmes such as Befriender Programme or organize activities in the Home, etc. Alternatively, you may wish to volunteer in organising and / or joining in excursions for our residents.

We also need donors and sponsors to sustain the operational cost of our programmes, maintenance of the infrastructure and support services we provided. Therefore we appeal to you once again for donations, no matter how small, to allow us continue to fulfill all aspects of our services to the children.

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For more information on how you can donate to us, please visit our donation portal.