The shoes that will make your heel pain to disappear!

If you have heel pain or sole pain you may suffer from plantar fasciitis. The choice of shoes you wear is very important in this case. Shoes that suit one person are not necessarily suitable for everyone. A correct diagnosis and choosing the right exercises and shoes can help you get rid of the pain! Here are some important tips about how can you pick the right shoes for heel pain!


What kind of features should shoes for heel pain to have?
The criteria that we must keep in mind when we choose shoes and have heel or sole pain are:

  • optimal and thick enough support of the arch of the foot
    One of the most important areas of the foot is the arch. It helps you to maintain balance and absorbs the shocks when you walk, run and do sports. If your arch will be protected, then the risk of accidents and the heel pain will significantly decrease.
  • avoid heavy shoes
    Have you ever had a pair of heavy shoes? If the answer is yes, I bet you felt uncomfortable. It is essential you choose light-weight shoes when you have problems with your heel because they will help to reduce the stress in your joints.
  • the sole must be flat or with a very low heel
    The movement of the shoes must be dynamic and flat. Your calves muscle must be relaxed and the sole must be flat. It is also not good to be very thin or very worn to absorb enough shocks


In conclusion, I think now you can pick the right shoes. You must choose comfortable shoes with arch support and you will feel pain relief in your heel. Best shoes for heel pain will position your feet in a natural position will balance your weight across your feet! I know that your life is going to change a lot! Good luck!